Mahvash Saba 

Mahvash Saba was always fascinated by images.  Her enthusiasm for recreating a likeness led her to study painting and sculpture, but it was photography that would become her art.

Mahvash began documenting social issues as a photojournalist, eventually becoming a Kodak International award winner.  As she grew as an artist, she began to see the light and beauty of the people who participated in her projects.  That is when she realized that each of them had a truth that she wanted to uncover on film.

It wasn’t long before she discovered how much she loved capturing the beauty of people.

Mahvash believes that your unique beauty as a person is much more than just a pose or a smile. The focus of her sessions is to capture your energy and the essence of your personality.  “To have someone open up and for a moment, just be themselves in front of my camera is a beautiful experience.  There’s nothing like it.”

When you stand in front of Mahvash’s lens, she wants you to share in the excitement of that moment. It’s your chance to show the world who you are. Mahvash has helped artists, executives, and families tell their stories, providing them with a visual narrative that documents their lives, whether it’s a wedding, family portrait, or her specialty—creative headshots.

Mahvash wants your photo session to be a fun, exciting and authentic experience. She doesn’t just photograph people.  With just one click, she captures the beauty of life and love. Smiles are welcome.

Call Mahvash today at (908) 643-5210 to discuss your photographic needs.